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Guide: Secret Book of Giants

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Obtain Book of Giants - Guide img_303026.png

First Step
To obtain your Secret Book of Giants and have the power to enchant your skills you will have two initial missions.
To get 200 Lavender Flower, you will need to kill the "Elroki" mob on Primeval Isle.
To get 200 Hibiscus Flower, you will need to kill the "Rakul" mob in Field of Whisper.
Find the Teleport to the locations mentioned in the NPC "Rosalyn"



Second Stage
To obtain Baium's Head you will have to have the courage to kill Boss Baium through an instance.
Use the "Rosalyn" NPC to teleport to the instance event registration NPC.
The Boss will have his Respawn once a day. So stay tuned! 👀


After obtaining the necessary item, return to the NPC "Nain" and she will give you her prize for her honor.
You can repeat the Quest as many times as you like. 

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