Why talk about the future of our project?
Our story started in 2016. When we started the Lovely Aden project aiming at the configurations that players would like to play and each season we were optimizing, improving, changing to bring out the best in lineage 2 without taking away much of what this game was once day.

We always choose to open only one season per year, so that players can have fun with us conquering the desired flowers (our farm item), fighting bosses, performing pve and pvp quests, in this process we had flaws, errors and significant changes in our project like any other that manages to join the player base we had in all our seasons adding up to 18k unique players on our servers and database.

We leave some memories here in honor of the most varied players, whether individual or group, what matters is your fun.


Of course, we didn't gather all the content produced by the players, or the topic would be extremely extensive. It's been 4 years of fun, lots of players and lots of moments.

We brought content exclusively, a lot of novelty and a lot of PvP to our players.

Why did Lovely change the server platform?

Yes, our server went from L2OFF to the JAVA platform and we want to clarify to the players some points that were decisive for the change.

• L2OFF has physical limitations and few competent developers.
• L2OFF has a lot of work to make things work as it should.
• The performance of L2OFF in relation to machine resources is higher.
• Protections are limited in both your core and your native OS.
• Most L2OFF servers have their data pack tampered with. (we are talking about skills) it is not retail as many think, if it were we would have a lot of problems with balancing as it was in the first betas.
• Because it is limited to the Windows OS, we are vulnerable to several attacks.

These are some of the determining factors for the change and they are also advantageous for the JAVA platform.

The java platform was criticized in the past, when the stability that we have today and the developers do not yet have it. As everything gets better with time, so did it and we proved it.

Since the move, we've had benefits too.

• We have more freedom to apply news
• We had a longer duration of time than we had at OFF
• We are better protected against attacks
• We had less problems with balancing
• We don't miss the essence of playing a true lineage 2
• We keep all of your functions working correctly.

And of course, we also had problems, as in all projects, which has always been corrected at the speed of light, so as to serve our players and appreciate the stability of the server.

Where are we going?

We want to go further, fulfill a request from many players who were present in all of our seasons and suggested that Lovely become a CRAFT server. We have always had this desire and we are ready to fulfill the request.

We want to rely on the experience of the players and the ideas of everyone to create a different server, without this limitation of CRAFT or FARM.

We want to create Lovely Aden with more features, more stability and bring fun to the true Lovelyrs present.

The development process will be constantly updated here in our forum so that there is participation and help in the development of a server that makes more history than we have already done.

Soon an alpha server will be made available, which will be open for testers to participate and help develop together with the team of developers news, corrections and everything necessary to innovate and strengthen the name Lovely Aden.

In advance I want to say a big thank you to all players who have played or play Lovely Aden and are prepared for an even bigger improvement.

With much love,

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